Thursday, September 15, 2011

Alright, I have had it.

Who wants to be my roommate and find somewhere in DC/NoVa to live?  Qualifications: you must not hate my cats, you must not be batshit, and you must not be any of my current roommates, who currently are complaining about how I post the bills, but who are also refusing to move the utilities into their names.

Also, they are all like 23 and one of them starts her group emails with, "Hey girls!"  No.


  1. Oh dear, I wish I could help. I would totally not start any emails with "Hey girls!" and your cats are amazing.

  2. Oh, dude, my cats love you, too! You ever want to move up here, we're finding a place.

  3. Yeah, cats! But I'm not even on your continent. Good luck with finding new roommates (and saving the world, as usual).